Redknapp talks tough on Modric – is it just hot air?

luka modric.jpeg
HARRY Redknapp has hit back over rumours schemer Luka Modric is after a transfer.
It has reported that midfielder Modric is after a move to Chelsea – but Redknapp says his best players are not for sale.
The Spur manager said: “If Tottenham sell Luka then I feel it sends out a message that maybe Gareth Bale could leave and no one wants either to happen.
“I have seen that sort of thing before. West Ham decided to sell Rio Ferdinand and then all of a sudden they all seemed to go. That’s no good for any club.
“Tottenham need to keep their best players as well as add more quality to the squad if they want to mount a serious challenge for the title. Other top clubs raise the bar all the time and Spurs must keep pace. It’s as simple as that.”
If you were a Spurs fan, it would be nice to hear tough talking like this – but I would still be wary.
Should Modric leave, followed by the likes of Bale, Crouch, Van Der Vaart etc. etc. don’t be surprised to see ‘Arry himself heading out the door as well…


2 thoughts on “Redknapp talks tough on Modric – is it just hot air?

  1. He scored 4 league goals last season, we will not miss him. Harry takes a lot of the blame for stupid comments like “5th is as good as it gets and Spurs fans are idiots for thinking otherwise” he loves taking credit (2 points from 8 games) but hates being criticised (3 wins in last 14 games) 21 points dropped from 4 bottom of the table teams (2 relegated)

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