Yeovil crowdsources its scouting

A FOOTBALL manager has begun using his Twitter followers as a scouting network.
Yeovil Town manager Terry Skiverton has tapped in to his 2,000-plus followers for tips on talented non-leaguers that could do a job for his League One team – whose motto is ‘Achieve by Unity’.
He said: “It’s not a bit of fun for me – it’s serious business.
“I can’t afford a scouting system. I’ve got followers and out of that I’ve got quite a few names and there’s been some interesting ones.
“There’s been so many players who have come through and we are following a couple of those leads.
“There was one or two that I had glossed over, that I’ve come back to.
“I think it gives the supporters a bit of fun as well as I’ve had supporters go through non-league annuals, going out and watching games saying ‘what about this player?’.
“I’d like to thank the supporters for adding a bit of amateur scouting, it’s worked out really well for us.”
very modern, very clever – how long before they’re conducting training sessions remotely on FIFA 11 to save money on a training ground?

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