Hearts take on the Mafia

NO, IT’S not a pre-season friendly fixture – tonight what I wager is one of the oddest statements ever to be released by a football club has gone up on Hearts’ website.
In the seemingly unprovoked outburst, the Scottish side has inferred that its attempts to break the Scottish Premier League duopoly have been thwarted by “the mafia” among other criminal activities.
The statement reads: “What’s happening with the club today is not a new thing. For almost 7 years we have been fighting to shield the club from crooks, criminals and thieves.
“Every year Hearts fights to be in the top 3, but even last season in the last 12 games of the season it was almost like someone replaced the team with a different one. Whose fault is that? Players? Manager’s? Or it is mafia.
“Stealing players, bad games, problems with the law – all of that on top of record SFA fines. Problems are just shifted to another level.
“Mafia are dragging kids into the crime, in order to blackmail and profit on them. It is not possible to separate these people from pedophiles, and you don’t need to do that. Each year we are forced to fight against these maniacs harder and harder. We are standing in their way not letting them manipulate the game of football in the way they want. As such they undermine us in every possible way they can.
“The task of the club is to tear these kids out of hands of criminals.”
Now Goaltastic cannot begin to imagine what is going on behind the scenes for a statement like that to be issued – but I would advise readers never to call the Mafia paedophiles.


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