Arsenal pole position to sign player with improbable hair

IVORY Coast international Gervinho is targeting a move away from Lille in France – and he has singled out Arsenal as a cut above.
The attack-minded midfielder became a cult figure at last summer’s World Cup, not for his playing skills – which landed him a man of the match award against Portugal – but for his incredible barnet.
The 23-year-old, a product of the footballing academy that trained Didier Drogba and the Toure brothers, sports two curtains of slicked-down dreadlocks atop his head, held down with a rubber band, which serve only to accentuate his enormous forehead and inch-wide bald patch along the parting.
Lille president Michel Seydoux said: “I have spoken with Gervinho and he wants to play for Arsenal next season.
“This is clear but now we must get an agreement between the two clubs. We have maintained contact but still the Londoners have not presented us with a formal offer.
“Negotiations are ongoing but Gervinho has demanded a solution to the situation soon.”


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