Poor Villas-Boas’s family hate him for joining Chelsea

andre villas-boas.jpg
NEW Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas should have stayed at Porto – that’s according to both his bank manager and his family.
When the Portuguese – who paid his own 15m Euro release clause in order to move to England – was asked about the amount Chelsea were paying him, he said: “I can assure you that Porto could beat that offer.
“They were ready to make a competitive offer for me to stay, but I took the challenge.”
In addition to the financial ‘hit’, he said that his own family were against the move.
He told reporters: “I’ve made some very difficult moves in my life. One of them was leaving a crazy salary at Inter Milan, as an assistant, to join the bottom club in Portugal, Academica.
“So I just felt it inside me that I should take the opportunity and the move.
“Against the will of everybody, against the will of my family, I took that.
“We have spent seven years moving around from London to Milan to Coimbra to Porto and now to London. This causes an emotional instability in any family.
“Let’s see if we’re speaking when I get back. Maybe my bags will be waiting for me at the door…”


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