Manchester City move for player who died once

gael clichy.jpg
GOALTASTIC has been slightly diverted from football of late – with days and days of posts about scantily clad women and my own hair.
So in order to address this imbalance, here is the completely uninspiring news that Arsenal defender Gael Clichy is undergoing a medical ahead of an expected £7m move to Manchester City.
in lieu of anything interesting to report about this, instead here is a fact copied and pasted from Wikipedia: “At the age of 15 while playing for Cannes, Clichy nearly died.
“After climbing over a metal fence while crossing a ground at the club’s facility, a ring he was wearing got caught in the fence, which resulted in the skin and tissue from the fourth finger of his right hand being completely torn off.
“During the seven-hour operation to repair the finger, Clichy’s heart stopped beating due to a problem with his lungs. It restarted after 15 seconds.
“The doctor who led the operation described Clichy’s survival as ‘a miracle’.”
Clichy can lay claim to being one of The Invincibles for more than one reason, then.


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