Macheda lets slip Sneijder confirmation

wesley sneijder.jpeg
GOD bless you Twitter!
It may be a bit of a poorly kept secret, but Manchester United striker Frederico Macheda has let out a leak from inside Old Trafford that Wesley Sneijder’s unveiling could be imminent.
The Italian took to the social networking site to say he hopes to see Inter Milan’s Dutch playmaker joining the club on their US tour very soon… before hastily deleting it again.
An official confirmation will be with us before the weekend, says Goaltastic.


6 thoughts on “Macheda lets slip Sneijder confirmation

  1. theres over 1,100 posts on the Sneijder topic on MUFC Community forums, its reached a climax that we expect nothing else….
    hope he signs

  2. Sneider is a food player, but has had injury probs. 35 mil for a 27 year old with injury history is not a good deal to me. I’d rather go for Nasri and Diarra – cheaper and both with good sell on vbalue and not that injury prone. Well, If sneoider does come and he does stay fit, it will be great.

  3. lass diarra is not an attacking midfielder which what man utd need desperately now, and nasri prefer man city’s money…
    injury problem? remember a guy called owen hargreaves? fergie sign him for 18 million just to play for one season… and sneijder’s injury records must be hell lot better than his

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