Backheeled penalty backfires

awana diab.jpg
A FOOTBALLER who scored a sensational back-heeled penalty kick in an international match is facing punishment for the spot-kick.
Awana Diab slotted home the unusual penalty kick during United Arab Emirates’ 6-2 win over Lebanon – and was shown a yellow card for his efforts.
UAE Team Manager Esmaeel Rashed said: “This should not have happened. I think what happened is disrespectful.
“We cannot accept anyone in our team who does not respect the opponent and does not respect the people who are working, or the supporters.
“There are many forms of punishment. We could send him away from the team. We could make him pay a fine.”
Goaltastic’s view – this is ludicrous!
He scored the damn penalty, in a way which didn’t contravene the laws of the game, even if it was a little unsporting to attempt it in the first place.
Either way, the goalkeeper really should have saved it.


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