A Hope for women’s football

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YESTERDAY I wrote a blog post about busty Croatian WAG Nives Celsius and her ‘good work’ for equality in football by playing in a men’s friendly as a second half cameo substitute.
Obviously this stunt is more about headlines and getting bums on seats than any progression for gender equality in sport – but could a woman actually make it as a pro in the men’s game?
Across in America there are rumblings that a female footballer could be joining the men-only MLS.
USA women’s captain, goalkeeper Hope Solo, emerged from the recent women’s world cup in Germany a star.
Not only have her performances on the pitch propelled her to household name status, she has since had a line of celebrity gigs – ranging from David Letterman TV shows to being the cover star of Sports Illustrated.
On the back of this – no doubt as a move to sate a public appetite for Solo – a number of media outlets are calling for her to be drafted and actually play in the men’s league, something MLS itself has not been drawn to comment on.
And Goaltastic says, if she’s good enough, give her a shot.
Undoubtedly there should be a women’s league, but this will always play second fiddle to the top leagues of the professional men’s game – and if a player is good enough, regardless of gender, they should be allowed to go pro.
Signing Solo may well be a boost off the pitch, given her new found celebrity status – but surely signing up players like David Beckham and Thierry Henry has as much to do with business as actual football.
And who’s to say she is or isn’t good enough until she’s given a chance?


One thought on “A Hope for women’s football

  1. Sorry – but there is no serious discussion whatsoever about this in the states. None. Zero. A few sportswriters who have never sat down and watched a football match start to finish in their lives trying to somehow discuss the women’s team since they are rather popular now.
    Please don’t confuse a few idiot US sports-radio types trying to say things that will get them Internet hits and radio listeners with serious discussion. MLS has no interest in destroying its legitimacy to become a circus for a few months. This is why the league won’t even bother to offer a comment.

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