Cheers to beers campaign

FOOTBALL and lager go hand in hand – or pint in hand, as it were.
There’s a reason every major competition has beer tie-ins for advertising revenue, and if you’re going out to watch the match, it’s the pub you’re heading.
And now, spectators may soon be able to raise a glass to celebrate the return of alcohol to the terraces.
Industry magazine, FC Business, has launched a campaign to scrap the booze ban on the basis that no similar laws apply to cricket, rugby or at any other major British sports events.
And so far the booze ban campaign has been backed by 40 out of 92 football league clubs.
Goaltastic is hoping to toast it’s success.
People are always going to want a drink on a day out.
Not only does the rule encourage fans drinking excessively prior to arrival as they can’t get a beer at the match, it would give much-needed financial avenues for lower-league clubs to explore.


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