Is there a psychic gibbon in Russia?

non-psychic gibbon.jpg
IT’S A strange title for a football blog post, I grant you – but does anyone know anything about a psychic gibbon living in Russia?
After last summer saw the late Paul the Psychic Octopus making waves with his animal intuition predicting World Cup matches, all manner of clairvoyant creatures have been tested.
And rumour has reached Goaltastic via the world wide web that a gibbon named Sonia has been making a name for herself as a pundit at a zoo in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Apparently the primate predictor began by forecasting the weather, but as she grew up alongside an avid football fan – a human one, I assume – she has begun predicting the outcomes of Russian matches.
Apparently she does this via the medium of pulling the correctly-labelled bananas from boxes.
Hokum, or is there really a psychic gibbon in Russia?
Please, anyone who knows any more, please leave a comment!


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