Mario Balotelli – a brief love letter

mario balotelli in snood.jpg
“SILLY little Balotelli, trying a backheel when he’s through on goal.”
“So typical of a player who can’t even put on a bib, what a liability blah blah blah.”
If there’s one thing that Goaltastic doesn’t understand, it’s this summer’s Balotelli backlash.
Perhaps the lack of football is driving everyone a little crazy – I actually watched Dunfermline take on St Mirren last night, the first time I have ever watched a second of Scottish football not involving a Glasgow giant – and the ongoing transfer sagas of the likes of Fabregas, Sneijder and Tevez can be hard to rejig every morning.
But this void is being filled with ludicrous criticisms of the loosest cannon on the block, Mario Balotelli.
Sure the guy, according to Jose Mourinho, is “too stupid to coach”, and makes as many headlines for his antics both on and off the pitch as for his football – often for behaviour I couldn’t and wouldn’t attempt to justify, such as karate kicking opponents and throwing darts at children.
But he is a genuine talent who scores sublime goals, and most importantly is pure entertainment – and football should be entertaining.
When Balotelli’s on the pitch, you genuinely never know what’s going to happen.
Otherwise what have you got – Edin Dzeko huffing and puffing? No thanks.

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