Barca ask Fabregas to pay for his own transfer

cesc fabregas.jpeg
DESPITE being the apple of Barcelona’s eye, the Spanish club have asked the Arsenal skipper to pay for himself to move there.
The Arsenal captain has a £40m asking price, a total the Spaniards have fallen short of for two summers running.
Now to help the move go through, Cesc is being asked to stump up £4m towards the total, and Barca are also looking for an Asian firm to sponsor the deal.
Barcelona president Sandro Rosell says: “Cesc Fabregas is our unique and final objective.”

6 thoughts on “Barca ask Fabregas to pay for his own transfer

  1. my gosh, what are barca trying to do there. Enough already arsenal, just accept the 36mill fee, pity the lad..if he really wanted to go home then let him go already…

  2. Gotta agree with Chris,it sure is a shame.Best in Europe,poor in finances.But if Cesc wants to make a move,let him pay the £4 million and move.

  3. as long as i am concern, Fabregas will pose treat to real madreal and other rivals, it is not a bad thing if we have a superior bench in camp nou, let fabregas come and be a partaker of this successful club winner, and the world will fear the more.

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