England “a waste of time” says Neville

gary neville.jpeg
RECENTLY retired Red Devil Gary Neville has blasted international football a “waste of time” for England.
Writing off Euro 2012 hopes, Neville said: “It should be fantastic, the best moments of your life. But there is no doubt that too many players spend too much time fearing the consequences of failure when they pull on an England shirt…
“The England situation is changing and improving but we just haven’t produced enough players of the right technical and tactical quality.
“That’s easily proved by the very few times we have held our own against top opponents. Holland in 1996 is pretty much the stand-out match, which tells its own story.
“I don’t go along with the idea that Sven should forever be remembered for blowing a ‘Golden Generation’. Three quarter-finals is a respectable record, and I’m not convinced we ever had the depth to win a major tournament.
“Because we win trophies galore for our clubs, people seem convinced that we should be winning with England. But they overlook how much our clubs have benefited from the foreign stars sprinkled through the Premier League.”

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