BBC asked to boycott Alex Ferguson

alex ferguson.jpeg
MANCHESTER United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has agreed to lift his boycott on talking to the BBC – but a petition has been launched calling for the BBC to boycott him back.
Ferguson began his boycott of the broadcaster in 2004 after it made allegations against his son, Jason, in a TV documentary – and this week they put their differences behind them.
But a campaign has been started to keep the Red Devils’ manager off the Beeb.
To date it has 98 signatures, although the target is 100,000.
Its organisers said:” We believe that Alex Ferguson’s long absence from post-match interviews has been a huge benefit to most football fans who do not enjoy his paranoid and self-serving rants.
“We call upon the BBC to boycott Alex Ferguson.”
You can see the petition here.

2 thoughts on “BBC asked to boycott Alex Ferguson

  1. lol yeah, we have to put up with deluded ranters like dalglish, wenger and mancini (3 ppl who ruin bbc) instead…..sad petiton by sad people.

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