Should Beckham come home?

david beckham 2.jpeg
THE transfer window may have closed last week, but a long-running rumour that David Beckham could be coming back to Blighty resurfaced yesterday.
He was linked with a move to QPR, who are building a new look line-up under new ownership, and previously Goldenballs has been linked with clubs including Leicester City, Spurs, Blackburn, West Ham and more.
He’s done it before with AC Milan, leaving the MLS during close season to keep up fitness levels – and rumour has it Becks wants to come back to the English leagues to press for a role with Team GB at next year’s Olympics.
But would it actually help or hinder his chances?
Team GB can only field three players over the age of 23 in London, and anyone not playing at the Euros in Poland and Ukraine will be competing for an open age slot.
Granted despite his limitations, such as being unable to actually run anymore, Beckham and his “Quarterback” style is almost timeless – he could carry on with that ball-crossing, free kick-bending, 40-yard-passing role for 10 more years.
But week in, week out exposure to one of the most physical and most watched leagues in the world might do more damage than good to his chances – what if the former Manchester United man can’t come up with the required goods in front of British fans?
I appreciate the need to play for Becks – but surely a stint in Italy, France or Spain might be better suited.


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