Forget the Wayne drain – take Rooney to the Euros!

ENGLAND fans may have noticed that England talisman Wayne Rooney has been slapped with a three match ban – effectively ruling him out of the group stages of next summer’s European Championships.
Talk is rife that as a result the short-tempered striker should be dropped for the tournament by Fabio Capello, to prevent a ‘Wayne drain’ by having him mooch about with nothing to do, disrupting the team.
Goaltastic wants to nip this all in the bud.
Rooney is undeniably our best player, the fulcrum which England pivot around, and on his day can be the difference in any match.
Yes, he’ll have to kick his heels through the group stages – but Fabio has to trust his squad to have enough to get through the group, regardless of the draw, and Rooney won’t be the only Englishman there not playing – David Beckham was taken to South Africa as a besuited mascot after all last year.
And imagine the boost when Rooney finally does take to the field when the knock-out competition begins…

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