Coventry City planned a ‘Text Factor’ style vote

WHO goes on – you decide!
Ex-Coventry City board member Leonard Brody had planned a money-making ‘Text Factor’ vote for fans to decide the Championship club’s subs during matches using their mobiles.
Brody, who this week stepped down from the board, had revealed he suggested the money making scheme where fans would be charged premium phone rates to text in substitution suggestions on matchdays, similar to how some clubs decide the man of the match.
The idea was turned down however, as the club felt it might undermine the manager.
Brody told the Coventry Telegraph: “When I first came to this club, if I had a white sheet and green field to start afresh I would have said let’s be the most progressive club in the country in connecting its fans to the game, meaning direct input in a controlled way with a representative on the board and an impact on in-game decisions, and there were many examples of things I had talked about and wanted to do.
“One of the issues was that you are effectively in the Championship because your television income is so low and the only source of revenue other than sponsors is your fan base.
“And so the question is how do you make a more exciting experience for your fan base so they are willing to do more than just show up at a game.
“How do you engage them more in the game and get their input in the process, and at the same time derive revenue in a way we were never able to before?”


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