Balotelli II

THIS is potentially the greatest thing to happen to English football since the arrival of Mario Balotelli – Mario Balotelli’s younger brother.
Mario Balotelli has been an absolute sensation since arriving at Manchester City.
The Italian striker – who Jose Mourinho branded too stupid to coach – has been a rollercoaster ride of sublime football and ridiculous antics on and off the pitch.
He’s been sent off more times your average carrier pigeon, and become a tabloid darling, with incidents such as blowing up his own house with fireworks, throwing darts at the youth team, developing an allergic reaction to grass, backheeling an open goal wide of the mark, being reported for burgling his own house, getting stuck in a bib on telly, getting caught up with the mafia on a trip to Italy, taking a truant back to school and then telling off a bully, the list really does go on and on.
And now, it is reported that Mario’s younger brother Enoch Balotelli is on trial with Stoke City, and could also be set to grace the English top flight in the near future – hopefully with a similar brand on footbally genius and off-field insanity.
The only thing that could make this news any sweeter for me would be if Enoch was really called Luigi, but you can’t have everything I suppose.


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