Smoking Mario’s Balotelling off

Thumbnail image for mario balotelli 2.jpeg
PUFFING player Mario Balotelli has been enjoying a spell of favourable headlines recently – donating money to his local church, putting £1,000 behind the bar of his local for a Christmas drink, and even being rumoured to be driving around Manchester dressed as Santa Claus handing out cold hard cash.
But the Manchester City striker is in the bad books of his manager, Roberto Mancini – who says Mario needs a kick up the backside for his smoking habit.
He said: “I told him, for me it’s better that you don’t smoke.
“It’s not a problem for me because I’m not his father or his mother. But if he was my son, I’d give him a kick up the ass.
“I am against cigarettes, always. For this reason, my son doesn’t smoke, but there are players who smoke in Italy and also here.
“He doesn’t smoke a lot of cigarettes, five or six a day, but I have told him to stop.
“Maybe he uses the cigarettes to light his fireworks.”
Zing, as they say.

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