Hannover coach asks his players about legovers

THE coach of German side Hannover 96 has asked his players to complete a psychological survey to find out their hidden desires.
The voluntary quiz, issued by Mirko Slomka, asks the Bundesliga players to grade 128 statements such as “I am what you could call sexually unrestrained”; “I want any sex I can get” and “I have a lot of erotic fantasies”.
Slomka, who says he will show any of the players his if they show him theirs, so to speak, said: “With this test I know how I can best reach each player.
“Each player needs different conditions to perform at his best over a long period. This is what I have to look into.
“Every player should have the feeling that his individuality is being considered.”
Judging by the muck the tabloids manage to rake on a pretty regular basis, let’s hope these sort of tests are not carried out on any Prem stars any time soon…

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