Hahnemann to record heavy metal track

marcus hahnemann.jpeg
HEAVY metal fan and former best goalkeeper in the world Marcus Hahnemann has recorded a track with rock band Malefice.
For Jägermeister’s latest ‘Ice Cold’ Studio Session – where rock bands and icons meet for the first time in a recording studio and ‘break the ice’ by working on a track together – Brit band today joined forces with Everton stopper Hahnemann
Hahnemann said: “Getting ready for a game always includes some heavy rock to get me going.
“Hopefully my love of music and their love of football with translate to a really cool track!”
Vocalist, Dale Butler commented: “We’re really stoked to be recording a special track with Marcus Hahnemann.
“Given that before every game he listens to Five Finger Death Punch or Slipknot to ‘get himself psyched’ for the game has to be a pretty good indicator of where his musical tastes are!
“This collaboration of Football and Metal is gonna be something you won’t want to miss.”

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