Henry plans to build new fish tank home

thierry henry.jpeg
ICONIC striker Thierry Henry has submitted plans to demolish his home and rebuild it around a four-storey aquarium.
The fish-loving Frenchman wants planning consent to knock down his Hampstead home to create the aquatic wonderland which has the 40ft tank, which would cost £250,000 to build, need £12,000 a year to run and hold 300 fish in 5,500 gallons of water.
Rumours the Arsenal great plans to live inside a tiny castle inside the tank and keep his Premier League, World Cup, Ligue 1, La Liga, Cope Del Rey and FA Cup trophys inside an underwater treasure chest which opens and closes with a tiny stream of bubbles are as yet unconfirmed.
Thierry, I salute you – as an regular aquarium goer and fish keeper myself, I am green as algae with envy over this.
In your honour, here are some denizens of the deep which could live inside your tank, feel free to leave your own in the comments –

  • Shark Hughes
  • Octopus Rehhagel
  • Fish Waddle
  • Aaron Clamsey
  • Stingray Clemence
  • Cod Fanni
  • Ruud van Nistelkoi
  • Claude Mackeralele
  • Wayne Troutledge
  • Piranholdinho

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