Steve Kean has karate dan chaparone

steve kean.jpg
MARMITE manager Steve Kean has revealed he now has a bodyguard with him at all times due to the extreme reactions he provokes from some Blackburn fans.
He revealed that he has even had to flee from restaurants with his wife and children after being hunted down by hate-filled fans.
He said “I was advised that it would be in my interest to have somebody with me at all times.
“The chap who protects me is a seventh dan in karate, but he is not big or butch or anything.
“He knows how to handle himself.
“It is a bit strange having him around, but there are some good things too. He is bloody interesting to talk to, for a start.”
He added: “I think the vast majority of fans are passionate, but non-violent, whether towards me or anybody else.”


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