Arsenal lose but emerge as winners

arsenal milan.jpg
THERE’S merit in the argument that Arsenal’s two-legged affair with AC Milan is Arsenal of recent years in a microcosm.
An initial frustration and disappointment creating a mountain to climb, followed by the climbing of it admirably but ultimately failing to reach the peaks promised.
But I disagree after tonight’s 3-0 win, I tip my cap to the Gunners – they played their socks off and deserved parity over the 180 minutes.
And were it not for a whistle-happy ref and a small helping of luck, and of course those four Milan aggregate goals, they’d have been contesting extra time as I type this.
An attack with the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho, which is tearing Italian domestic football asunder currently, was subdued throughout tonight while a dangerous-looking Arsenal probed and threatened and took almost all their chances.
One allegation oft levelled at Arsenal in recent years is a lack of character – on tonight’s showing, that is not the case.
Maybe a bit strength in depth might be useful though, Arsene…


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