Has Maradona saved Man City’s season?

diego maradona 2.jpg
PREVIOUSLY petulant striker Carlos Tevez returned to the first team for Man City this week – to devastating effect.
The Argentinean striker was thrown on by manager Mancini with his team trailing 1-0 to Chelsea, and Tevez was pivotal in turning the tide and seeing his side triumph 2-1.
The win kept the Citizens within a point of title rivals Manchester United.
But what sparked Tevez – who could yet prove the difference between a Premier League trophy and a runners-up medal – into returning after his public spat with Mancini last year?
According to Diego Maradona: “I told Tevez three months ago that he had to talk with Mancini as soon as possible.
“I said that because he was losing money — but also because he needed to play football again.
“I told Tevez, ‘you must go back now’.”
So should City lift the league trophy for the first time since 1967/68 this season, remember who it was down to…


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