Should Chelsea cheat to beat Barcelona?

didier drogba.jpg
FOOTBALL’S ‘dark arts’ are not often discussed openly – not as a genuine tactic, anyway.
But the footballing world seems almost united on the point that Chelsea, who tonight kick off a two legged affair with footballing juggernaut Barcelona, cannot prevail.
Not honestly, anyway.
As a result, a fair few pundits have suggested that instead of attempting to beat Barca on their own terms, Roberto Di Matteo’s team should not play fair.
Go in hard on key players, hang on to the ball as long as is humanly possibly, waste time, roll around on the floor like they’ve been shot, schythe down strikers when through on goal – do whatever it takes to disrupt Barca’s rhythm, and snatch a goal on the break.
Many have tried, many have failed – but many have tried to play them at football too, and we all know what happens then…
The question is, is a victory at any cost a worthwhile one? Should Chelsea actively cheat to beat Barcelona tonight and at Camp Nou?
Moral maze, aside, I’d like to see them try it.


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