The secret cross-dressing of Mario Balotelli

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IN REVEALING a two-year affair with Manchester City star Mario Balotelli, Chloe Evans has spilled the beans on the striker’s love of cross-dressing.
Apparently the Italian footballer agreed to donning make-up and a blonde wig in a one off session.
Chloe recalled: “I will never forget the day I gave him a girlie makeover — he loved it.
“We were a bit bored and messing about so I turned him into a WAG for a laugh!
“We got a blonde wig and used my make-up — and before you knew it he was Marilyn Balotelli!
“It was so funny. The lipstick was a really pale pink so it was hilarious against his skin.
“I put it on him really carefully, he kept laughing so it nearly smudged. And he had loads of pink blusher on too.
“I got a blonde wig I had at the time and put that on him too to complete the look.
“Mario loved it. He started prancing around and posing in front of the mirror admiring himself.
“He shook his bum really fast doing silly moves to make me laugh. It was hilarious and then he looked in the mirror and said he was prettier than me.”
Dennis Rodman he ain’t, but still – the mind boggles.


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