You only cry when you’re winning, cry when you’re winning…

crying fan.jpg
EUROPEAN football fans are two-and-a-half times more likely to break down in floods of tears than the English – after their side WINS!
However British blubbering is much more likely in the event of a loss.
New research by Sharp FanLabs has found the amongst Europeans, on average 37 per cent have cried after a defeat, and 25 per cent after a win.
In England, these figures rose to 47 per cent when losing, but dropped to just nine per cent admitting ever shedding a tear after a win.
Overall 62 per cent of people admit to ever crying following a match. Danes are the thickest skinned, with on 41 per cent admitting to crying, while the Portuguese say 76 per cent of them have welled up following a football match.
• Sharp FanLabs is conducting the largest ever study of European football fans to find out about their attitudes, behaviour, passion, and knowledge.
For further stats about how England fans are feeling in the run up to Euro 2012 and to chat with likeminded fans, check out their Facebook page or take the test yourself.


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