FPL Squad Selections – TBD

WITH the player lists now out, Fantasy Football fanatics are already readying their squads for the forthcoming season.
To help out with some pointers, I’m enlisting FPL players to offer some insight into their squad selections over the coming days.
First up is James Priest, manager of a team named TBD, a veteran of five Fantasy Football seasons. He said: “First and foremost, I meticulously study the upcoming fixtures and make the majority of my choices based on those fixtures. This appeals to my mathematically-inclined brain, and I enjoy ensuring that the fixtures of the players in my squad dovetail well, so that on any given gameweek the majority of my starting XI will have ‘easy’ fixtures, preferably at home.
“In previous seasons this has worked well, most noticeably in the 2009/2010 season, yet in more recent years picking the form players seems to have been the more successful tactic, rather than going on fixtures.”
• If you’d like to post your thoughts on squad selection, e-mail Goaltastic at Isaac_Ashe@MRN.co.uk or comment below.


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