Owen going to Milan rumour

michael owen.jpeg
WITH the transfer deadline fast approaching, the rumours are starting to get strange around here – the latest being that former footballer and professional bench warmer Michael Owen is on his way to AC Milan.
Owen, who has resorted to creating a glossy brochure to send out to suitors in the past in order to secure a transfer, is heading out of Manchester United, with his agent previously hinting a Premier League club would be his destination.
However AC Milan are a striker short with Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s move to Paris Saint Germain – and the Red Devils are rumoured to have offered to offload Owen to the Italian club to fill the void.
Now I realise unlikelier transfers have happened in the past, but seriously?
If this happens, I’ll buy myself a smart new Italian hat and post a video of me eating that sucker.


2 thoughts on “Owen going to Milan rumour

  1. Now if your going to take the piss out of someone who’s scored 40 goals for their country, plus how many club goals. And someone who’ll achieve more in 90 minites than you will in your entire life. Then at least get your facts right.
    Man Utd have no say, nor are ‘releasing’ Owen to anyone. He’s a free agent. Idiot.

  2. God, can anyone smell that? Who fed that bull a curry?
    Why would Man Utd go to the trouble of offering Milan a player who no longer plays for them?!!! He was released following expiry of a contract so I very much doubt that the ‘red devils’ will be offering out his services to anyone.

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