Lehmann has Paralympics team in his sights

jens lehmann.JPG
GERMAN goalkeeping legend Jens Lehmann would like to try and win a Paralympic Gold at the Rio Games in 2016 – as a member of the nation’s blind football squad.
Although outfield players must be visually impaired, the former Arsenal man, as goalkeeper, can be able-bodied.
If selected, the former Arsenal custodian would be 46.
He said: “This is very interesting, as long as I am fit to go there. In any case, it’s okay to talk about it if you are interested.”
German Disabled Sports Association President Friedhelm Julius Beucher said: “A goalkeeper is not subject to the requirement that he must have some kind of disability.
“Thus, Jens Lehmann, Oliver Kahn or any other retired goalkeeper, in theory, is available. We will now discuss this privately.”
And Germany’s coach Ulrich Pfisterer said: “If Jens Lehmann joined, that would be sensational.”

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