FIFA game sealed Remy transfer

loic remy.jpg
THE signing of Loic Remy for QPR was sealed with a game of FIFA, the club has revealed.
The 26-year-old January man, who signed for a club record £8m, had a FIFA 12 session with R’s chairman Tony Fernandes after his four hour contract negotiation.
The striker said: “It was a special moment that followed our chat about QPR.
“We just played a game of FIFA – it was good and showed to me what a good person Tony is.
“He showed his human side to me as an owner of the club I wanted to join. It was a special moment for us both.”
More special for Remy you would suspect, as he beat Fernandes 6-0 then on penalties following a 4-4 draw.
However R’s CEO Philip Beard said: “They had great fun, but Tony told me he let him win!”

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