Newcastle plan to install slides for fans

PLEASE, let this happen.
Newcastle is planning to install playpark-style slides for football fans who don’t want to take the stairs on the way out of Newcastle United’s St James’ Park.
Inspired by a similar scheme at Utrecht station in Holland, the Premier League club wants to give fans a fun way to get from the stadium to the Metro station.
Adrian Waddell, director of operations for developers NE1, said: “NE1’s slides are designed to attract attention and get people talking.
“One of the secrets of good urban design is to encourage people to focus on their surroundings, to take note and sometimes also to challenge the views and perceptions of a particular area – the slides will certainly do that.”
Tom Robinson from Robinson Landscape Design said: “Being playful and doing something a little unusual aims to encourage people to spend more time here enjoying the city.
“We want people to ride the slide, then go up the stairs and do it again.”


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