999 police call over Nani red card

nani red card.jpg
POLICE in Nottinghamshire are urging residents to think before they dial after a football fan, so disgusted with the referee’s decision to send-off a player in last night’s Champions League clash, rang 999.
The 18-year-old Manchester United supporter was watching the second-leg tie against Real Madrid from his home in a village near Bingham at around 9.20pm last night when he made the call.
He felt the moment Reds winger Nani was controversially dismissed for a high challenge was a crime and so decided to call police, reportedly to report “a robbery”.
He later apologised for his actions, claiming to have been caught up in the excitement.
Control Room Chief Inspector Ted Antill said: “While this recent example may be amusing, it illustrates the sort of insincere calls we have to deal with on a daily basis in the Control Room.
“They waste our time and they direct us away from genuine victims of crime, particularly if we dispatch officers out to something that turns out to be a bogus report.
“I would ask people to think before picking up the phone for emergency services.
“There may be people out there in real trouble who need our help and they have to wait because we are tied up with calls like this one, reporting a referee from the television.
“It’s no joke.”

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