Coalition Government to blame for Suarez biting ban, says Redknapp

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FIRST the Bedroom Tax (boo, hiss) and now this.
Once Prime Minister David Cameron accused Luis Suarez of setting “the most appalling example” by biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic, the Liverpool striker was always going to be made an example of, says QPR boss Harry Redknapp.
Redknapp said he expected Suarez’s “fierce” sanction after the storm of debate that followed of the incident.
“I could see it coming. Once politicians have opinions, you could see he was going to be hammered, for sure,” he said.
“He’s such a player, just the most fantastic footballer. I think he’s amazing. You’d absolutely love to have him playing in your team. He could play in any team in the world he is that good so it’s a shame that he goes off the rails.
“He can’t do it again. It’s quite a fierce punishment, 10 games, but he’s got to learn.”

Bale and Walcott once formed pants partnership

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ONCE imagined, this can never be unseen – Theo Walcott and Gareth bale used to run around with their pants on their head attacking teammates.
While together at Southampton, the now-London-based rivals were once a deadly duo named the ‘underwear bandits’.
In an interview, Walcott confessed: “We’d call ourselves the underwear bandits.
“I have no idea where it came from, but if you were in your room watching a film and someone burst in with their boxers on their head, you knew you were in trouble.
“Sometimes it wasn’t even pillows – it was shoes and stuff like that.
“Luckily I was always quite quick, so I tended to get away with it.”

Not Nineteen Forever named soundtrack to Manchester United title win

MANCHESTER band Courteeners’ song Not Nineteen Forever has been named Manchester United’s official song to celebrate their 20th league victory title, after last night’s Old Trafford win.
The track started trending on Twitter and is already back in the iTunes Top 100 after the win over Aston Villa sealed the Premier League title.
As big Manchester United fans, Courteeners frontman Liam Fray and the rest of the band will be donating money to the Manchester United Foundation, which supports great causes in Manchester.

Tyson offers Suarez support

MIKE Tyson believes Liverpool striker Luis Suarez will make up with Branislav Ivanovic – just as the former world boxing champion did with Evander Holyfield.
Suarez is facing an extended ban from the Football Association for biting Chelsea defender Ivanovic on the arm in Sunday’s 2-2 draw at Anfield.
Tyson was involved in similar controversy when he bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in the WBA heavyweight title fight between the two in 1997.
The Americans have since settled their differences and Tyson is confident Suarez and Ivanovic will do the same.
He said: “Suarez bit someone, it happens. I am sure he will make amends with this guy.
“I made amends with Evander and we got on with our lives.”

Bite attacker Suarez to be offered counselling

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LUIS Suarez will be offered anger management counselling after biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, the Professional Footballers’ Association has revealed.
Suarez has apologised for his “inexcusable behaviour” after the biting incident during the 2-2 draw at Anfield yesterday that has left the Uruguay international facing the prospect of a lengthy ban.
It is the latest in a series of unsavoury incidents in Suarez’s career – including a previous biting incident in Holland and an eight-match ban for racist abuse – and PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said the players’ union would offer the striker help to deal with his temper.
Taylor said: “There is no doubting his football ability, that’s why it is so disappointing and embarrassing when he lets himself down.
“We have to work hard on anger management now. We have trained counsellors in this field and we will be offering their services to Liverpool and the player to try to improve matters.”

Chelsea and Man City in hunt for Zlatan Ibrahimovic

SWEDISH striking sensation Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be on the move this summer, say the French and Swedish press – with two English clubs in the running.
The PSG striker, who has never played more than 100 games for a club, is unsettled, says his agent.
He is quoted as saying: “In the transfer market, anything is possible. There are two or three teams in Italy who can buy him. Juventus, Milan and Inter.
“We also have Real Madrid, Chelsea or City. It will not be easy to buy him loose from PSG.”
Please, Premier League, make it happen.

Zinedine Zidane buys his wife a football club

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THE Goaltastic WAG’s birthday is coming up in a week or so.
But the paltry pile of books and DVDs and other assorted crap I’ve put aside for my special lady looks a bit pathetic now.
Because turns out French legend Zinedine Zidane, formerly of Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid, has bought his missus Veronique Fernandez a football club, all of her own.
That’s right, Mrs Zidane is now the proud owner of French fourth tier side Rodez Aveyron, who he snapped up to save from financial difficulties.
Mr Zidane said: “Some people came to see me about their ambitions for Rodez football club and it seemed interesting. Things needed to be done and I wanted to help out.
“I come from the streets, a difficult neighbourhood. I have never forgotten my roots. I love this region and spending time here and I feel at home.”

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League – Gameweek 32

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OKAY, hands up, missed a Gameweek round-up – so anyone who was up or down last week, massive apologies.
This gameweek however, the league leader LookMumNoHands keeps their place – and surely must be looking towards the finish line and a coveted spot of our Hall of Fame by now.
On the up below are this week’s top scorer Rumford Rovers in 2nd, Rochester United in 5th, MasasMagic in 8th, and even my own squad Ashletico in 16th!

Banner boys get sign of approval from boffin

FOOTY fans are the wittiest people in the country, according to a leading academic.
Dr Jamie Cleland, a sports sociologist from Loughborough University, came to the conclusion after studying banners that followers of the beautiful game brought to matches.
“Angela Merkel Think’s We’re At Work’ displayed by Republic of Ireland fans at Euro 2012 after their country was bailed out by Germany is among several that caught his attention.
Now The Art of Banner Banter competition has been launched to encourage footy fans to showcase their talent by creating and sharing a banner with a chance of winning £5,000.
Dr Jamie Cleland said: “Many of the most well-known banners tap cleverly into the news agenda of the time. These banners have more of a cultural and social meaning, providing an opportunity for the creator to comment on topical issues in a sophisticated way.
“The fans creating these banners are often well-educated males who are on the cusp of a new stage of their lives.
“The act of creating the banners is naturally a very social occasion and getting together with a group of friends to create witty banners for display at sporting events allows them to express this mischievous edge to their character”
The competition is being run in conjunction with Tullamore D.E.W Whisky.
Entrants should take a picture of their carefully crafted banner and share on Twitter using the hashtag #bannerbanter.