Coalition Government to blame for Suarez biting ban, says Redknapp

luis suarez.jpeg
FIRST the Bedroom Tax (boo, hiss) and now this.
Once Prime Minister David Cameron accused Luis Suarez of setting “the most appalling example” by biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic, the Liverpool striker was always going to be made an example of, says QPR boss Harry Redknapp.
Redknapp said he expected Suarez’s “fierce” sanction after the storm of debate that followed of the incident.
“I could see it coming. Once politicians have opinions, you could see he was going to be hammered, for sure,” he said.
“He’s such a player, just the most fantastic footballer. I think he’s amazing. You’d absolutely love to have him playing in your team. He could play in any team in the world he is that good so it’s a shame that he goes off the rails.
“He can’t do it again. It’s quite a fierce punishment, 10 games, but he’s got to learn.”

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