Footballers “deserve huge salaries”

PREMIER League footballers deserve their £100,000-a-week salaries in the same way investment bankers are entitled to their large pay packets, a member of the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Committee said today.
Tory peer Lord Bates, who sits on the committee in charge of ensuring there is a lasting sporting legacy to last year’s Olympic Games, said it was a British trait to “sneer slightly” at the commercial success of a cultural phenomenon like the Premier League.
He said footballers deserved their large weekly pay-packets as the “deployed their sublime skill” in the same way that investment bankers or hedge fund managers earned their high salaries.
Speaking during a debate in the House of Lords on the “international economic and cultural contribution” of the Premier League, the former Paymaster General said footballers’ salaries “simply reflected” the success of the game’s commercial success.
He said: “Part of what makes us British is that we sneer slightly at commercial success – culture can’t really be culture if it’s popular too, and we slightly look down our noses at some players who have got no qualifications, earning £100,000-a-week.
“The salaries simply reflect the business in which they deploy their sublime skills. In that they are no different to any other enterprise, investment banker, or hedge fund supremo, except of course in the level of joy that they give to the public as they ply their trade.”

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