Palace turn to hynotherapist for help

PREMIER League newcomers Crystal Palace are to enlist an hypnotherapist to help their squad overcome Spurs on the opening day of the season.
After a chance encounter while out walking, boss Ian Holloway has recruited former WBC super-middleweight boxing champion-turned-qualified hypnotherapist Glenn Catley.
Glenn said: “I underwent hypnotherapy for 10 years in my boxing career. I wasn’t the most talented of fighters but I believe it helped me get to the top. When I retired eight years ago, I took a course.
“Two months ago I was out walking the dog and bumped into Ian, a good friend from way back in the west country where we both live. After talking to him about what I did, he invited me to meet with his players.
“He told me they have all the talent but psychologically they were letting a few demons creep in.
“Now I see them for a few days every week, including the first team squad. We work on a one-to-one basis and part of the therapy is to hypnotise them, putting them in a trance. It is a completely natural state, nothing like a stage show.”


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