Come on you greens! How to watch football in an environmentally-friendly way

ball on net STOCK.jpg
RESEARCH has revealed the carbon “bootprint” of football fans – and best way to way the sport without harming the environment.
According to The Carbon Trust, the lowest carbon way to watch football at home is by using a smartphone or tablet connected to broadband internet, rather than via energy-intensive mobile internet or on fuel-hungry TVs with bigger screens.
However sharing a television screen with a number of people, either at home or in the pub, is the lowest carbon way to watch football per viewer.
Going to see a game live at the stadium is the most carbon intensive way of watching football – particularly for an away game – due to the impact of transport.
Even your choice of food and drink during a game can still make a significant contribution – one of the worst stadium foods for the environment is a cheeseburger which produces 5.5kg of carbon.
A pie creates 5kg of carbon and a pint of beer 0.55kg, compared to 0.08kg for a packet of crisps and 0.2kg for a bottle of water.
As part of a campaign to help reduce carbon emissions created by football, Gary Neville said: “When it comes to cutting your own carbon bootprint, it is all about understanding your impact and making sensible choices to reduce it.
“The best thing fans can do is share the experience of watching a match, either by watching the game with each other, or travelling together to the stadium.”

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