Ref sees player’s tackle, player sees red

A BIZARRE red card was brandished in the FA Cup this weekend – with AFC Croydon Athletic’s debutant Louis Blake given his marching orders for showing the ref that he wasn’t wearing any underwear.
After spotting that the midfielder was wearing black undershorts which didn’t match his side’s maroon kit, the official sent him to the changing rooms to remove them, despite protests from the player that he didn’t have anything to replace them.
After going commando and returning to the game, which finished a 6-2 defeat to Colliers Wood, Blake was asked to show the referee he wasn’t wearing the offending article.
However in trying to show the ref the lack of underwear, the eyeful that Blake did give the ref earned him a straight red card.
He said: “I was gobsmacked, I was shocked and I was angry. I just pulled my shorts forward a bit to show him there was nothing there and he gave me a red.
“How else am I meant to prove I’ve got nothing on down there?
“All I wanted to do was make a good impression on my debut and now I’m probably going to have to miss three games.”


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