Premier League must be sacrificed for Qatar World Cup success, say boffins

ONLY mad dogs and English football teams go out in the midday sun – domestic football needs a shake-up if England are to compete at the Qatar World Cup, say researchers.
The 2022 season will have to be cut short, and England will need to travel to Qatar at least a month in advance, if they are to stand any chance of success at the World Cup, according to sports science experts at the University of Bedfordshire.
The results of testing in simulated conditions close to a Qatari summer show that England need to head out to the country as soon as possible, as well as adjust their playing style to a slower game.
Former FA employees and member of England’s Italia ’90 backroom staff, Professor John Brewer, who now heads the department, said: “Physical performance and decision-making will be impaired in hot conditions.
“The research we have done in our environmental chamber has involved simulating the demands of football matches in environments that come close to replicating conditions in Qatar.
“The results are unsurprising; but we’ve also found that players’ bodies could adapt to the extreme conditions if the squad arrives in Qatar early enough.
“In order for this to happen, the FA would need to look at the fixture calendar, in conjunction with the Premier League, to ensure players can finish the domestic season in very good time. England then need to meet up as a team and travel to Qatar at least four weeks in advance to acclimatise to the temperature and play some preparation games.”
He added: “The high-tempo game we see in the Premier League on a regular basis may not be the type of football that can be sustained for 90 minutes or extra-time and penalties in a World Cup.
“If you like to see a style of play that sees the ball being passed around at a lower-tempo, then I think that’s what we’ll see in Qatar.
“England will need to modify their tactics as countries used to playing at a low-tempo in hot conditions will hold an advantage.”


One thought on “Premier League must be sacrificed for Qatar World Cup success, say boffins

  1. 1) The study is valuable but the stadia are supposed to be air-conditioned to 27 C according to the bidding document. Don’t worry.
    2) As for the fans, according to reports, there will be air-conditioned tunnels to connect to air-conditioned bus terminals also.
    3) They say “green” because the electricity generated by the solar panels whilst the stadia are not used will balance out the energy required for cooling during matches. This is just a smoke. They intentionally for get all the energy used in these huge infrastructures that will only be used for a month. This is the most wasteful of global resources that are shared by all terrestrials.
    4) So, all the fans to be there have to be refrigerated always. However, how about those needing to work outdoor? Maybe, it is like the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, in which the journalist were only allowed to report in front of the screens in the reporting centre.
    5) How about, as one of the UK senior official said, if the air-conditioning or electricity supply breaks down in the training centre or the stadia?

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