SAF knows sweet FA

FOR the past year I have been attempting to prove that SAF knows sweet FA compared to me in Football management terms.
Putting my experience of years playing Championship Manager in the wee hours of the night to good use, I have put together a pretty nifty side on the Premier League’s free Fantasy Football game.
And with a season total to date of 2,031, my Ashletico team is currently ranked 117,060 in the world out of two-and-a-half million plus players.
More importantly, it’s top of the Loughborough Echo’s in-house league with only a few games to play before glory is mine, all mine.
For the second year running, might I add.
Next term, Goaltastic will be running its own league, and all-comers are welcome.
To join, put together a team at – it’s free to do – and then join the Goaltastic league by using the code 1034621-447644.
C’mon Sir Alex, I dare you.