Goaltastic Fantasy Football League gameweek six

liverpool fans.jpg
ON THE eve of another gameweek, it’s only right I haul my lazy bones over the already-dead embers of last weekend’s fixtures.
Madara 11 is top for a second week running.
Well done to them.
Also climbing almost a week ago were second and third placed CarrollDowningJäger and Fawlty Torres.
Well done to them too.
Highest scorer in gameweek six – the brilliantly-named Tekkerslovakia, whose 89 point haul moved them up to 18th.
Very well done.
And a special mention goes to me, as I scored 84 and moved up to 49th – on the first page of teams in the league.
Well done me.

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League gameweek five

ball on net STOCK.jpg
THERE’S a new leader at the summit of the table this week, with movement throughout the top teams – in fact everyone rises or falls from first up to 13th.
Current leader by one point is Madara11, ahead of joint second-placed teams Team and Just Another Team.
Just Another Team clearly isn’t just another team though – they were this gameweek’s top scorers with a tantalisingly-close-to-triple-figures 99 points.

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League gameweek three

STOCK tackle foul.JPG
WITH all the huge excitement of yesterday’s slamming window, the comparatively-moderate excitement of another round of fixtures in the Goaltastic Fantasy Football League was overlooked.
Much to the annoyance of Robin Dam, I’m sure, as his Upping The Ante side reaching the top spot of the table was overshadowed by Gareth Bale smashing the World Transfer Fee Record to tiny smithereens.
Kone 2013 (3), Alien resurrection11 (=4) and Madara11 (=4), more cowbell (6), shipthecheese (8) and Cheukles Clowns (10) all rose inside the top 10, and two new entries muscled in too, at 8th (Vamos Eriguinea) and 9th (Sergio Biscuits).
Top scoring team this week was Nitwits (64th) who managed 68 points.

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League gameweek two

white boots goal.jpg
A GAMEWEEK low on goals has meant a pretty tight spread of scores from the Goaltastic League this week.
But with it only being two gameweeks in, nevertheless there’s plenty of movement in the table and a new leader, How I Met Your Mata.
Below them, Fawlty Torres (2), TEMPO (3), Kone 2013 (=4), The Rebels (=6) and shipthecheese (9) all climb in the top 10.
One of these elite, TEMPO, was also the top scorer this week with 67 points – an early one to watch perhaps?
To enter the league for free, visit fantasy.premierleague.com and then join the competition by using the code 148075-41877.

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League gameweek one

celebration STOCK.jpg
AH WELL, maybe next season, eh?
That’s right, Goaltastic is considering throwing in the towel already, one gameweek in, after finding its Ashletico squad in 104th place in the league.
The only way is up, it’s a marathon not a sprint and other tired cliches I suppose.
However, at the other end of the league, three teams have excelled themselves this week, posting three-figure scores.
Joint second place with 101 apiece are Alien resurrection11 and Dobie’s Wanderers, while Baines On Toast notched a massive 111 to top the table after one round of matches.
To enter the league for free, visit fantasy.premierleague.com and then join the competition by using the code 148075-41877.

Goaltastic’s top five fantasy football bargains

nicolas anelka.jpg
I MAY not be in David Moyes or Jose Mourinho’s league just yet, but as the author of Goaltastic I do take in more football than the average man.
Hell, I’m even the reigning Hinckley Times Official Fantasy Football League champion.
So as you can imagine, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about my team for the forthcoming season.
Now you don’t need me to tell you that the likes of Robin van Persie and Juan Mata are probably going to score well this season – their double figure price tags tell you that – but what a canny manager needs to find is value for money, cheaper chaps that might make a mockery of their prices.
Here are my top five…
5. Mignolet
Simon Mignolet was a solid stopper at Sunderland last year, and this season despite moving to Liverpool – who are far more likely to keep their opponents at bay – remains relatively kind in price as the levels were set before Pepe Reina was transferred. This means for just £5.5m you can grab a slice of the Liverpool clean sheets, plus save points.
4. Anelka
He’s getting on a bit, granted, but Nicola Anelka is as lethal as ever judging by his pre-season form for West Brom, and he was one of the fittest in the Juventus squad last season according to the Italian side’s coaches. Plus he’s cheap as chips too, at just £5.5m for a proven Premier League goalscorer.
3. Bony
Yeah yeah, we all know how much of a red herring being a scoring sensation in the Dutch leagues can be, myself more than most being a Middlesbrough supporter having to endure Afonso ’30 goals last season’ Alves, but it’s a real miracle that Swansea snaffled up Ivorian hitman Wilfred Bony to lead their line ahead of some of the continent’s bigger guns.
2. Coleman
There’s always a bargain to be had in finding a player out of position – midfielders playing up front, defenders playing in midfield, goalkeepers playing in defence… Okay, scratch that last one, but Irishman Seamus Coleman, listed as a defender for Everton, has been playing as a winger in some formations for his team this season, leaving him dangerously close to being a defender playing UP FRONT. For £5m, how can you not go for that?
1. Soldado
Now I know £9.5m isn’t exactly cheap, but… Roberto Soldado is World and Euro champs Spain’s number one striker at the moment, he’s been a 20 goal a season man for the last three campaigns, and he’s without competition for places at a Spurs side burgeoning with midfield talent. If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d be laying a cheeky punt on Soldado for this season’s Premier League Golden Boot.
Agree? Disagree? Leave me your bargain spots in the comments, and put your money where your mouth is by signing up to our free league at fantasy.premierleague.com and then join the competition by using the code 148075-41877.

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League pre-season update

EXCITEMENT is growing in the Goaltastic Fantasy Football League, with managers flocking to take part in this season’s competition.
I hope.
Either way, excited or not, plenty of teams have signed up to the league for 2013/14 using the code 148075-41877 – the list is into a second page already, two weeks ahead of kick-off.
Two former winners, Benjamin Ng with LookMumNoHands and Jamie Hill with Borussia Teeth (good name), have already entered.
With no actual points to talk about, other team names that tickle my fancy include DancesWiWolfswinkel (Derek Johnstone), Angry and Confused (Robert Steane), Fawlty Torres (Johannes Einemo), Trad Bricks (Dan Vertz), Not Northampton (Ben Eccleston), Scorgasms (Raymond Jennings),Obi One Konobi Nil (Paul Maher), Huth your Daddy (John Hindley), Ooooooooooosh FC (Scott Telfer) and The Gareth Bale Show (Jack Greening) – good luck to you witty lot.
To take part, sign up at fantasy.premierleague.com for free then use the league code above to join, and regular updates will be posted here throughout the season – with one team’s manager joining the hall of fame on the right of this site next May.

Goaltastic Fantasy Football League – The Results

premier league trophy.JPG
AFTER a season of turmoil and ups and downs in the Goaltastic League, in the end, the status quo won out.
Because in the final gameweek of the season, the entire top 10 maintained their positions – meaning Benjamin Ng’s LookMumNoHands is the winner of the league and a spot in our Hall Of Fame.
Massive, massive congratulations, and just a splash of jealousy.
A little too late, climbers on the final week include 11th placed Team Punishment, 15th placed Transact United, and 19th placed Dalgas FC.
For the record books, Goaltastic’s Ashletico squad finished in 16th place.
Final Gameweek top scorer was Ajax Caldicot FC, in 58th place, who notched a massive 97 points.
See you all next season, then.