Juventus sign Miss Italia 2004

miss juventus.jpg
ITALIAN giants Juventus have pulled off quite a signing – they’ve managed to arrange for Miss Italia 2004, Christina Chiabotto, to put pen to paper.
Sadly the Italian beauty queen, a long-standing Juve fan, won’t be lining up alongside the likes of Carlos Tevez and Andrea Pirlo for the Turin Serie A side next season however – she’s been brought in to front the club’s newly-launched JTV channel.

Tulisa giving Newcastle man The X-Factor

NEWCASTLE full back Danny Simpson says that his relationship with popstar Tulisa is giving him the X-Factor on the pitch.
The WAG – or should that be WAF – has given the footballer a love of life he hasn’t had this season, he says.
The player said: “The papers are the papers and they say what they want. But everybody around me knows the truth.
“Sometimes when all of that is going on around you, it is the best time to play football. You go on the pitch and you can forget about everything.
“If anything, in the last couple of games I have really enjoyed it. I feel like I am getting back to my old self from last season. I am pretty pleased with that.”
It’s a unique form of coaching, for sure, but still, Tulisa for QPR manager, anyone?

Gascoigne gets an X-Factor exit

bianca gascoigne.jpg
LAST night’s X-Factor threw up a shock in the form of Bianca Gascoigne.
Bianca, famous for her previous TV outing Celebrity Love Island as well as being the offspring of outrageously talented footballer and terrible comedian Paul Gascoigne, was auditioning for the TV talent show to break away from her public perception.
She said: “I’ve always been a singer, this is something that I’ve wanted to do and it’s been years and years I’ve thought this through to do it and now I’m here I’m just like ‘oh my god!”
But singing Mary J Blige’s I’m Going Down, she failed to make the cut and left with four ‘no’ votes from the panel.
Gary Barlow said: “In general it was a bit of a mediocre audition.”
And Rita Ora said: “I just think we’ve seen better singers.”

Sinclair set to leave Wales – as his WAG is bored

helen flanagan.jpg
MANCHESTER City look dead set to snaffle up yet more young homegrown talent in the form of Swansea City’s Scott SInclair – as his other half is “bored” of Wales.
The winger, who scored in the 5-0 Swans win on the opening day, looks likely to move to Manchester rather than sign a new contract.
The Welsh club’s first-team coach Alan Curtis admitted yesterday: “He’s not really interested in signing a new contract and I think Man City have made a bid.
“So it’s just a matter of time now before it happens and it’s good for both parties.”
However the surest confirmation yet has to come from Helen Flanagan AKA Rosie from Coronation Street, who is Sinclair’s partner.
She tweeted: “Started to get bored now, been in Wales too long, Lol.
“Must take action.”
Actress, model, and football agent.

WAG suffers from exploding boobs

danielle lloyd.jpg
WOLVES WAG Danielle Lloyd’s dream of “nicer boobs” for her wedding to Jamie O’Hara went bust – after her breasts exploded.
The model had her first boob job seven years ago, and decided to go under the knife again ahead of her wedding to the midfielder.
But the operation left her breasts swelling out of control, until one day she woke up to find one had burst due to the new mum producing milk under the implants.
She said: “I was terrified. I lost over a litre of blood.
“Afterwards I needed an emergency blood transfusion because I had half the haemoglobin level of a normal person. I was in hospital for five days.”
The problems continued and a second operation was needed.
But despite the ordeal, the wedding is still set to go ahead in May. Danielle said: “The wedding is happening – with or without boobs”

WAGs up for Mum Of The Year gong

danielle lloyd.jpg
THE coveted Foxy Bingo Mum Of The Year award has shortlisted a large WAG contingent for 2012.
Among those up this year for the title, previously won by the maternal likes of Stacey Solomon and Jordan, are Abbey Clancy, Danielle Lloyd, Nicola McLean, Victoria Beckham, and, er, Natasha Giggs, if she counts as a WAG.
I’ll ask my lawyers.
Anyway, fingers crossed for a WAG winner – it’ll be another poor excuse for posting a nice photo.

WAG sets kitchen on fire with Christmas cookery

chantelle tagoe.jpg
FIREFIGHTERS were called out to Emile Heskey’s home after his other half, Chantelle Tagoe, set the kitchen alight.
The WAG – a former Come Dine With Me contestant, no less – set a roast pork joint alight while practising ahead of preparing the Aston Villa man’s Christmas dinner.
She tweeted: “OMG set the fire alarm off + almost burnt me pork! Smoke evrywer! SHAAAME the firemen av turned up.”
Followed shortly by: “At least I no me fire alarm works! Me mum was made up with all the hunky firemen in me kitchen! hahaha.”