What would you sacrifice for Euro success?

WHAT would you give up to see your team triumph in Polkraine this summer?
New Europe-wide fan research from Sharp FanLabs has revealed that the Irish are prepared to make the most sacrifices to see their side victorious, followed by Croatians and Ukrainians.
English fans are in 12th place, while the French and Germans are the most unwilling to make sacrifices.
But what would they loses? England fans would lose their bottle – with 57 per cent abstaining from alcohol for at least one month to see England lift the trophy.
On average, 13 per cent of European football fans and 14 per cent of English would give up alcohol forever to see their team win the tournament – however zero per cent of Greeks would be willing to make this sacrifice.
On average, 29 per cent of Europeans would give up sex for at least one month to see their team win the Euros this year – although 30 per cent of Italians and English would not be prepared to give up slap and tickle for a single day!
A whopping 18 per cent of Danish fans would give up sex forever in exchange for a Danish Euro 2012 victory!
For further stats about how England fans are feeling in the run up to Euro 2012 and to chat with likeminded fans, check out their Facebook page or take the test yourself.


Sofia so good for England

wayne rooney.jpeg
AS AN English football fan, I associate watching my national side with stress.
In my mind’s eye, either we’re being found out by a top side, or struggling to unpick an inferior one.
But tonight, thanks to a brace of early goals to settle the nerves, it was a comfortable 3-0 in Sofia against a solid Bulgarian side lacking a cutting edge.
Before the match the home side we reportedly struggling to sell their tickets – evidenced by the backdrop of empty seats I saw tonight – such was the lack of belief that Bulgaria could spring a surprise.
Normally in these situations it’s England who cause their own problems – but thanks to Gary Cahill and Wayne Rooney (2) goals and a relentlessly-pressing game plan it was plain sailing.
I still have some reservations about this England side – is Scott Parker controlled enough to anchor our midfield? Is Joe Hart even paying attention? and what exactly what does Gareth Barry do?
But these are small fry – tonight I have drunk beer and genuinely relaxed watching England stroll towards qualification, and I won’t ask any more than that tonight.

Cheers to beers campaign

FOOTBALL and lager go hand in hand – or pint in hand, as it were.
There’s a reason every major competition has beer tie-ins for advertising revenue, and if you’re going out to watch the match, it’s the pub you’re heading.
And now, spectators may soon be able to raise a glass to celebrate the return of alcohol to the terraces.
Industry magazine, FC Business, has launched a campaign to scrap the booze ban on the basis that no similar laws apply to cricket, rugby or at any other major British sports events.
And so far the booze ban campaign has been backed by 40 out of 92 football league clubs.
Goaltastic is hoping to toast it’s success.
People are always going to want a drink on a day out.
Not only does the rule encourage fans drinking excessively prior to arrival as they can’t get a beer at the match, it would give much-needed financial avenues for lower-league clubs to explore.

Goaltastic is away

cristiano ronaldo sunbathe.jpg
JUST a quick note to say that for the next fortnight Goaltastic is not being updated – me, the WAG and the kids are taking a break to lie around the place sunning ourselves.
That said, it’s not going to be as relaxing as that sounds – we’ll probably do our best Andy Carroll impressions by drinking beer in the sun before falling off a bar stool and having a fight.
Apologies in advance for the lack of Fantasy Football League updates, and pretty please no Rooney-style sweary rants in the comments until I get back.