Premier League chief apologises for off day

PREMIER League chairman Sir Dave Richards has apologised after claiming that FIFA and UEFA had “stolen” football from England following an unfortunate day in Qatar which ended with him falling face first into a pool.
Richards, who was taken to hospital in Doha for checks after tripping and falling into a fountain pool, made the remarks at a conference yesterday – comments which the Premier League and Football Association moved quickly to distance themselves from.
Richards apologised for any offence caused by the remarks at the International Sport Security Conference, saying he had intended to be “lighthearted” and that he would be writing to UEFA and FIFA to make that clear.
He had said: “For 50 years, we owned the game, we were the governance of the game. We wrote the rules and designed the pitches.
“Then, 50 years later, some guy came along and said, ‘You’re liars’, and they actually stole it. It was called FIFA. Fifty years later, another gang came along called UEFA and stole a bit more.”
Next time, let’s just send in Mr Bean.


Korean teen applies to be Bath City manager… more than 100 times

BATH City, a semi-professional football club who play in the Conference, have been inundated by manager applications from a 17-year-old South Korean.
The ongoing correspondance from Won Jae Yang – more than 100 e-mails and counting – has prompted the Somerset side to dedicate a page on their website to the wannabe Wenger, and even poll fans as to whether they should give him a shot!
Acording to the site, Yang says: “On its last game, I believe that that the Bath City’ played well but has not 1played to its full potential.
“The current ranking shows you that. Honestly, I do not understand Manager, His tactic fluctuates harshly.
“He does not satisfy Bath City’s passion.
“I was born in 1994 but I believe that my young age should not be an obstacle. I will show you in person of my abilities in just 2~3 games. I guarantee you that the Bath City will be changed for the better.”
C’mon, Chelsea gave youngster Andre Villas-Boas a shot – if you’re behind Yang, e-mail and let Bath City know!
I know I am.