Ghost hunting with Matt Elliott

matt elliott.jpg
NOW there’s a headline I never imagined I’d write – Ghost hunting with Matt Elliott.
Foxes legend Matt Elliott has teamed up with Absolutely Haunted for a ghost hunting event in Leicester.
Pick up a ticket now, and you can spend 15 minutes with the defender in the Naughty Boys Asylum on April 13, and a signed photo to boot.
There’s paranormal, and then there’s just odd…


Legends Reunited in Loughborough

AN EVENING of football banter with Alan Birchenall and Archie Gemmill takes place in Loughborough on December 6.
The evening at the Swan in the Rushes kicks off at 8pm. The evening will also include a charity auction for Rainbows Hospice, one of Alan Birchenall’s chosen charities.
Legends Reunited spokeswowan Sarah Roberts said: “We’re really pleased to bring Scotland , Forest & Derby County legend Archie Gemmill to Loughborough in conjunction with Foxes favourite Alan ‘The Birch’ Birchenall.
“We presented an evening with them earlier in the year and they were really comical together – two very different careers and achievements , making them an interesting combination
“Archie talks openly about his famous goal in the 1978 World Cup against Holland , the hope and expectation on the Scottish nation but also about his club success with both Forest and Derby.”
Tickets are £10 each from the venue or from 07967 714224

Goaltastic’s posts of the year 2011

WITH the New Year approaching faster than a Gareth Bale counter-attack, I believe the time is right to recap Goaltastic’s best blogs of 2011.
And when I say best, I mean most read.
In reverse order, they are…
10 – Manchester City signing Clichy once cheated death.
9 – My hilarious Fernando Torres April Fools post
8 – “Rooney, Rooney, Rooney”
7 – Roman Abramovich gets his chopper out
6 – Suarez signing excitement
5 – Manchester United to sign favourite son’s son
4 – Massive boobs story nets huge internet traffic spike shocker
3 – Boring Nasri to sign for Manchester City announcement
2 – Macheda accidentally confirmed the Sneijder deal which never actually happened
1 – The greatest football rumour of the year bar none. Seriously, this never gets old.
Happy New Year!

Leicester in talks with “new club manager”

TALKS with an unnamed “new club manager” by Leicester City have caused the postponement of a trip to LOROS hospice – leading to speculation of an announcement coming soon.
Although no name has been released by the club, a statement of the postponement of the event released by the Leicester charity indicates that the Foxes have identified their man and are negotiating with a replacement for Sven Goran Eriksson, according to the Loughborough Echo.
In a statement, LOROS spokesman said: “Unfortunately Leicester City Football Club have had to postpone todays planned visit to LOROS as the Directors are currently involved in negotiations with the new Club Manager.
“The Club are very sorry for the disappointment this has caused but have committed to visiting LOROS with the First Team Squad, New Manager, Susan Whelan (CEO) and Aiyawatt Top Raksriaksorn (Vice-Chairman) in the near future.”

Should Beckham come home?

david beckham 2.jpeg
THE transfer window may have closed last week, but a long-running rumour that David Beckham could be coming back to Blighty resurfaced yesterday.
He was linked with a move to QPR, who are building a new look line-up under new ownership, and previously Goldenballs has been linked with clubs including Leicester City, Spurs, Blackburn, West Ham and more.
He’s done it before with AC Milan, leaving the MLS during close season to keep up fitness levels – and rumour has it Becks wants to come back to the English leagues to press for a role with Team GB at next year’s Olympics.
But would it actually help or hinder his chances?
Team GB can only field three players over the age of 23 in London, and anyone not playing at the Euros in Poland and Ukraine will be competing for an open age slot.
Granted despite his limitations, such as being unable to actually run anymore, Beckham and his “Quarterback” style is almost timeless – he could carry on with that ball-crossing, free kick-bending, 40-yard-passing role for 10 more years.
But week in, week out exposure to one of the most physical and most watched leagues in the world might do more damage than good to his chances – what if the former Manchester United man can’t come up with the required goods in front of British fans?
I appreciate the need to play for Becks – but surely a stint in Italy, France or Spain might be better suited.

Is this the East Midlands’ year?

ONE of my first blog posts for Goaltastic, written on Blogger before the site had a permanent home on the Echo website, previewed Leicester City and Nottingham Forest playing in the 2009/2010 Championship playoffs.
Since Derby limped out of the top flight in 2008 licking its considerable wounds, it’s been possible for football fans to drive the length of the M1 on away days without passing by a Premiership stadium – and both teams had a chance to change that.
Needless to say, they blew it, and the East Midlands has remained without a top flight team.
But today, a new season kicks off with big spenders Leicester City hot favourites for automatic promotion, and a Steve MacLaren-led Nottingham Forest surely a contender for a play-off spot.
Hell, even predicted mid-table team Derby may be a surprise package this season – at least one of the trio could make the Premiership one way or another.
All three kick off their seasons today – as an East Midlander I hope it’s a winning start for all three.

Sven lines up Becks swoop

david beckham 2.jpeg
ACCORDING to today’s Sunday papers, Leicester City are looking to bring David Beckham home from the States.
Goldenballs could team up with his former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson in the East Midlands, after the MLS season comes to a close.
The LA Galaxy midfielder has previously used the American close season to keep up fitness levels at AC Milan – and the Foxes’ owners have been pushing Eriksson to put in a cheeky bid for Becks to do the same with them this season.
A source close to the Championship side’s Thai owners said: “This time the Raksriaksorn family are going all out to get Sven to bring Beckham to Leicester. Even they have been overwhelmed at how big Leicester have become here in Asia.
“They are keen to maintain the momentum and, of course, grow the club.
“Sven is in touch with Beckham, the funding is in place and they hope a deal can be done that will suit both parties. It will be good for ¬≠everyone.”