Lookalike – Mick McCarthy and Brad Pitt

mick mccarthy and brad pitt.JPG
ACCORDING to manager Mick McCarthy, Brad Pitt should be the one to play him in a movie of his life.
The bizarre biopic suggestion came as part of a straw poll of managers carried out, which also came to the conclusion that Neil Warnock thinks he’s George Clooney, David Moyes pictures himself as Sean Connery, and Gerard Houllier thinks he could be played by Harrison Ford.
For the record, I don’t think Mick McCarthy looks like Brad Pitt – I reckon he’s more of a Christopher Lloyd.
Got any manager/actor lookalike suggestions? Leave them in my comments box!

Lookalike – New Zealand women’s player’s striking resemblance

Kirsty Soames and Sarah Gregorius.JPG
I’M CURRENTLY watching the Olympic opener of the women’s football, featuring Team GB and New Zealand.
It’s nil-nil at half time, and the most interesting thing I can say about it so far is that New Zealand striker Sarah Gregorius is a dead ringer for Coronation Street star Kirsty Soames, AKA Tyrone Dobbs’ pregnant girlfriend.
Not one for the ages, I grant you, but neither is this match to be fair.

Lookalike – Carry On Italy

cesare prandelli and kenneth connor.JPG
ITALY went cruising into the finals of Euro 2012 last night after Mario Balotelli didn’t lose his head, striking a brace against Germany.
But regardless of the on field action, last night I couldn’t stop spying at Italian manager Cesare Prandelli – I was loving the fact he’s the spitting image of Carry On star Kenneth Connor!
At your convenience, I have placed the two together for you to see for yourselves.

Lookalike – Blue moon

vincent kompany and the moon.JPG
TONIGHT’S lookalike comes courtesy of the man in question – Manchester City club captain Vincent Kompany.
In a Twitter Q&A with fans, the Belgian defender was asked ‘how big is your forehead??’ and putting his celestial head to good use he replied: “About the circumference of the moon.
He added: “Lol.”
He also retweeted a fan who referred to him as a “moonhead” and who said it reflected the size of his brain.

Lookalike – Stefan Savic don’t work, he just makes it worse

stefan savic and richard ashcroft.JPG
MANCHESTER City could do with a bit of verve on the field at the moment – or so you might think…
Because since club captain Vincent Kompany picked up an injury, the lucky man stepping into the fray has been Richard Ashcroft doppleganger Stefan Savic – with bittersweet results.
At least at 21 the Montenegrin defender has time on his side to grow into a top player, and his recent blip can slide away into history.

Lookalike – Moneyman Phil Jones

phil jones and a 50p coin.JPG
TODAY’S humdinger of an FA Cup tie between Manchester United and Manchester City was not short of talking points.
Was the Red Devils’ 3-2 win down to Kompany’s red card?
Was Kompany’s challenge worthy of a red?
Was it a penalty? Should there have been two more penalties?
Can Manchester United use this result to find Premier League form?
Just how freakin’ tall is City keeper Costel Pantilimon?
But for me the million dollar question is, how much does Phil Jones look like a 50p coin front on?