Wayne Tooney! Are Newcastle in talks for Manchester United striker?

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AN ARTICLE published and then removed from Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley’s business site said his club are talking to Rooney’s agent.
Outgoing Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson revealed recently that Wayne Rooney has handed in a transfer request.
A move to Europe has been suggested as the England striker’s most likely move – but SportsDirect reported “the Magpies have already sounded out Rooney’s agent over a potential move, with United keen to offload the 27-year-old,” adding: “Rooney is seen as a perfect candidate to boost the Magpies’ chances of a top-four tilt next season – and is seen as a man who will be hero-worshipped at St James’ Park.”
The article has now been replaced with an apology.

Goaltastic’s posts of the year 2011

WITH the New Year approaching faster than a Gareth Bale counter-attack, I believe the time is right to recap Goaltastic’s best blogs of 2011.
And when I say best, I mean most read.
In reverse order, they are…
10 – Manchester City signing Clichy once cheated death.
9 – My hilarious Fernando Torres April Fools post
8 – “Rooney, Rooney, Rooney”
7 – Roman Abramovich gets his chopper out
6 – Suarez signing excitement
5 – Manchester United to sign favourite son’s son
4 – Massive boobs story nets huge internet traffic spike shocker
3 – Boring Nasri to sign for Manchester City announcement
2 – Macheda accidentally confirmed the Sneijder deal which never actually happened
1 – The greatest football rumour of the year bar none. Seriously, this never gets old.
Happy New Year!

St James’ Park signs to direct fans to Sports Direct Arena, say council

NEWCASTLE United may have renamed their stadium the Sports Direct Arena – but city chiefs have refused to replace signs directing fans to St James’ Park.
The controversial renaming of the historic stadium by owner Mike Ashley has upset a number of fans of the Premier League side – a feeling echoed by the city authority.
In a statement, city councillor Coun Henri Murison said: “The name of St James’ Park has been synonymous with Newcastle United football club and the city for more than 130 years.
“It is recognised around the world and the decision to change it, without consultation, will upset the overwhelming majority of fans who loyally support the team week in and week out.
“While I understand the commercial reasons for renaming sports venues when they relocate, this is not the case in this instance, and some things are beyond profit when they mean so much to people.
“The football club is part of the beating heart of the city, and while the council values its relationship with the club, it has no plans to change any existing wayfinding signs which bear the name St James’ Park.
“As far as the fans and Newcastle City Council are concerned, the home of Newcastle United will always be known as St James’ Park.”

New owner to wrestle control of Newcastle United?

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IT’S not just never-gonna-happen rumours about players like David Beckham and Ronaldinho joining teams like Leicester City and Scunthorpe that get banded about in the silly season that is the January transfer window.
In fact my favourite bit of unsubstantiated gossip so far this month involves new ownership looking to get a hold on Newcastle United.
Because word on the street is Mike Ashley is in talks with billionaire WWE owner Vince McMahon over the sale of the Magpies.
If this actually happens, on hearing the news I promise I will tear off my shirt Hulk Hogan style and wrestle whoever’s nearest to me to the ground.